A very happy new year to you.

I made a pledge to myself.  Would you like to know what it is? Well…it’s simple. Each week I will share with you my diary as a plus-size model, grappling with the realities of building a successful career and giving women just like myself a glimmer of hope.

E no easy, but diaris God.

So, for this week…

I have always been told to shed weight, that I am ‘too fat’.

My profession spans from modelling to being a Compere…but not without my fair share of struggles.

I once participated in a beauty pageantry in which I was the 2nd runner up. Reason given by the organisers was that “I am fat!”

Alright hol’up…

It may seem to you that I am one fat-out-of-shape person who can’t pick herself up but sits in front of the TV all day eating sharwarma.


On the contrary, I am a choreographer. I do lots of dance routines. I carry my weight well. And I am naturally plus size.

Fighting my size didn’t help me become better; It killed my esteem, I tried to fit in but I always felt like a failure. Now I know better…to be whom God made me to be, both inwards and outwards. And to carry myself with dignity.

So, this is what I will leave you with;  be fit and beautiful, don’t neglect your body and health, but this shouldn’t be based on society’s standard of who is fit and beautiful but on a healthy notion of yourself.

You are beautiful just the way you are created.

Happy New Year once again!

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